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About Jordan

Parliamentary, Monarchy, Hereditary.

Jordan is one of the Middle East countries, located between latitude lines (29) and (33) north and longitude (34) and (39).

Estimated to be (5.1) million according to 1999 census.

The Kingdomes area is about (89.3) thousands out of which (7.8) thousand agricultural lands.

It is characterized by being the climate of the Mediterranean region, warm and dry in summer, moderate and rainy in winter.

The timing in the Kingdom is two hours ahead of Greenwich time.

Natural Resources
Jordan has many raw and natural resources, such as phosphate and potash.

National Currency
Jordan Dinar is equivalent to U.S.A Dollar (1.41) and completely convertible.

Work Force
The Jordanian work market is characterized by the availability of work force in the different fields of production and services sections. The Vocational Training Corporation, through its different branches spread out in the kingdom, provides pertinent training courses.

Banking Sector
There are many banks and banking corporations, some of them are specialized in offering banking services in the industrial and agricultural fields. The operating banks in the kingdom are (22), out of which three foreign banks Also, there is a stock exchange established in 1976.

Jordan occupies a strategic location in the region, and the modern network roads supports this. The total length of the land roads reached (7519) KM. Also, Jordan has a unique seaport on the Red Sea, as well as three international airports, two of which in Amman and the third in Aqaba.

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